Kerala Flood Relief Appeal

Kerala, one of the Southern states of India is affected with flood due to heavy rain fall. Kerala floods were a result of the unusually severe amount of southwest monsoon rains. All 42 major reservoirs in the state were opened for the first time in history and all five gates of the Idukki Dam were opened at the same time for the first time. Heavy rain in Wayanad and Idukki have left the hilly districts isolated. Districts, Ernakulam and Alappuzha is covered with water about 70%. Over 400 people died since 29th May as per the chief minister of Kerala. Out of these numbers 200 were dead between 14th to 19th August due to heavy rainfall and over 342 landslides. Over 1,200,000 people are moved to more than 5500 shelters across the state. The reports state, over 60,000 kms of roads were destroyed. About 100,000 houses were damaged or completely destroyed. About 30,000 people have no places to return from shelters.

Why This?

To put this in perspective why all this is happening in Kerala is because, even in ‘normal’ years, Kerala gets the highest amount of rainfall among the major states in India. The average annual normal rainfall for Kerala is nearly 3000 millimetres – 2924.3 mm, to be exact. By contrast, neighbouring Tamil Nadu gets 912.4 mm rainfall. Karnataka gets 1147.1 mm, Andhra Pradesh 890 mm, Telangana 942.6 mm and even compared to the UK, which receives 885mm. The normal rainfall in this period should have been 1606.5 mm. But this year, from 1 June (the onset of the South-West monsoon in India) to 16 August 2018, Kerala has received excess rainfall of 30-40% (varying with districts).

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Rescue Works

Army, Navy, Airforce, Cost Guard of India, and NDRF (National Disaster Rescue Force) worked hard along with local fishermen with their boats and lay people. A hard work of 8 days have helped relocate 1.2 million people in over 5,500 shelters.
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An Air Force Helicopter rescuing people

Relief Work

State Government of Kerala with the help of Central Government (India) have started with the relief work. Many non-government organizations have also entended their hands of support. However, the need is higher than any of this. Out of 1.2 million people sheltered in the relief camps, about 30,000 people have become homeless as their houses have either destroyed or have become useless due to flood and landslide. Most of those who are in shelters don’t have a second pair of dress and when they go back they don’t have any utensil for kitchen or furnitures. They are a group of people, who lost all their hardwork of their lifetime in 5 five days floods. People also have lost their livestocks, which made their lives. Local businesses have lost all their stocks. THERE IS NO INSURANCE SYSTEM THAT COVERS THEIR LIVESTOCKS, HOUSES OR SMALL SCALE BUSINESSES 

What can we do?

We can help people directly to re-start their lives back to normal. Our teams are actively involved in rescue and relief ever since the flood started on 15th of August. As the rescue mission is declared complete the whole team is now focussed on relief work. True Light Ministries Internation is associated with Hospital Ministries India, which has tremendous experience in working with disaster hit areas.
Speech by Michelle Rowland, Member for Greenway, NSW on 26/8/2018

True Light Ministries International

TLMI is a charity registered with Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and HMRC for tax purposes. The christian charity has a church planting mission and a free tailoring istitute for women in India.

Hospital Ministries India

The organization is establlished in 1985. Since then the HMI has involved in countless charitable and mission activities in the Indian Peninsula. Their backborn of over 3000 volunteers actively involved in rescue and relief of Kerala Floods with their experiences in many previous disaster relief works. The HMI will be the organization the TLMI backs for the flood relief activities.

Our Response

We are providing for people in 9 districs of Kerala. People seriously hit across these districts are mainly the marginalised ‘Dalits’ and ‘tribals’. We will provide them with;
  • Sanitation supplies, including water filters for communities and chlorine water purification tablets
  • Household kits including buckets, kitchen utensils, bedsheets, underwear
  • Hygiene essentials such as soap, sanitary pads for women and girls
  • Dry food rations for families as they leave the relief camps.

Your support

You can partner with this effort in two ways. The two fold supports are,
  1. Pray for people who are affected and our relief work team,
  2. Support us financially

Offline Donation

Donate to the account of True Light Ministries International Bank : HSBC Bank, Belfast Account No.: 00193666 Sort Code : 40-20-55

Donating Online

We have set up an online giving platform for crowdfunding this campaign. FLOODED KERALA NEED YOUR GENEROUS HELP Kerala Flood Relief Appeal in PDFDownload